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Fashion Institute of Design and Marketing (FIDM)

Internship Program
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By partnering with employers in the Fashion, Visual Arts, Interior Design, and Entertainment industries, the FIDM/Career Center facilitates internships for academic credit for qualified students. An internship blends theory and practice, your participation in this quarterly program offers the opportunity to test new talent and skills.  Interns combine academic training with employment in fields related to their course of study. Internships allow the students to apply classroom theory to 'real life' applications and explore career options while in school.

Objective of the FIDM Internship Program – Provide the student with the practical application of their education. It is further designed to provide the employer with strong candidates for positions in their organization.

Hours – Interns may work 8-10 hours per week in accordance with their academic program.
Term – Interns may only work during the specified timeframe, during the academic quarter (10 weeks). Interns may not continue working on a non-paid, academic basis subsequent to graduation. If you wish to promote an intern into a paid position, please contact the Career Center.

Please contact:
Tina Perez

Director, Beauty Industry Merchandising & Marketing
919 S. Grand Ave, #505
Los Angeles, CA  90015
213.624.1200 x3024

Society of Cosmetic Chemists (SCC)

Monthly meeting are generally the fourth Tuesday of each month (no meetings during months of July, August and December).

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